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Digistar Lite

Digistar Lite is perfect as an entry-level system for institutions, schools and associations that have small to medium permanent dome...


Digistar is in a class all its own, providing powerful features and the most user friendly interface in the industry.

Skypoint Tecno Dome

Our new line of planetarium domes uses a new technology studied and developed together with a leading manufacturer of fiberglass structures in Italy.

Skypoint "Tecno Dome" not only ensures a better projection quality, but also a longer life, a perfectly spherical shape and almost no maintenance.

Tecno Dome is made of fiber composite plastics and fiberglass. It is composed by a few segments bolted and glued together to form a single final structure. Moreover Tecno Dome has a L-shaped profile on the bottom, useful, for instance, to provide radent lighting.

The dome has been developed to be supported by appropriate columns and possibly held in place by tie rods (in case of large diameters), in number and size to be quantified according to project or customer requirements. Columns can be concrete, brick or steel made.


Skylux is a unique lighting system that uses a full 16-bit resolution per channel with tricolor LED, based on SMD chips. This solution creates a smooth color in every point of the cove (avoiding the use of three singles, spatially separated R-G-B-W LED used by other luminaries) with a full control of color and dimming.

This true 16-bit light system uses a large amount of control that is necessary mostly with dim lights and fade-out or fade-in animation: our system can recreate up to 281’474’976’710’656 different colors.


Skypoint offers the brand new Skysonus and Skylux systems to provide a professional audio and lighting experience in planetarium.

Every installation offers state-of.-the-art hardware and latest technologies available. This makes Skysonus and Skylux systems a perfect choice for low energy consumption, budget, flexibility and premium quality.

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